Ayurveda and weight Loss

Updated: Mar 6

Weight and Cholesterol Management thru Ayurveda

A resin from the Guggulu tree, also called Guggul (Indian Bedellium, Commiphora mukul) has been used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to treat hypercholesterolemia and obesity. Ayurvedic Practitioners and doctors claim the resin has powerful properties capable of scraping out naturally accumulated toxins from the body. Combined with other specific herbs, the Guggul resin can maintain healthy cholesterol levels and support a healthy weight management.

GUGGUL FORMULAS (Vata, Pitta and Kapha Doshas)

Yogaraj Guggul- Vata Balancing formula for the joints, nerves and muscles.

Kaishore Guggul- Balances inflammation in joints and muscles (Pitta imbalances)

Punarnavadi Guggulu (Kapha imbalances)- Balances kapha in the kidneys, heart and joints

Other uses: Guggulu is also used in combination of other herbs to help with a number of other issues. Hypothyrodism, atherosclerosis, blood clots, respiratory disorders, lipomas, acne.

Average Dosage: 3-9 g daily; 3-10 mil tincture daily (Contact an Ayurvedic practitioner near you for more information)

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