How to Protect Muscles using Ayurveda

🐝Mamsa dhatu (muscle tissue) in Ayurveda is considered as formed mostly by earth and water elements and is associated with the Kapha energy. Muscle cells are structurally specialized to undergo muscular contraction. For muscles to move, a supply of blood (rakta) is needed. The pitta component of muscle tissue transforms the chemical energy of blood nutrients into mechanical energy expressed in movements. Muscles are vital for not only the shape of the body but movement of body fluids as blood,urine, lymph, blood and sweat. Some of the herbs that are associated with strengthening of muscles- Bala, Shatavari and ashwaghanda. Consult an Ayurvedic practitioner near you and find out how you can naturally help maintain the health of your muscle tissue.🐝source: SAI Ayurvedic institute, photo courtesy of South Florida Center and Aquarium (Real Bodies Exhibition)#muscle#saiayurvedicinstitute#southfloridasciencecenterandaquarium#ayurveda#wednedaywellness#wellness#wellnessjourney#ashwagandha#shatavari#bala#ayurvedaandyoga#yoga#beewellnews#beewellnews1#doshicvita#doshicvitaayurveda


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