One apple a day...

🐝Apples are available all around the world and been famous for its nutritional benefits. The fruit has been linked to its contribution in fighting type 2 diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancers. The antioxidant effect of flavonoids in apples may protect cells from damage in the pancreas, an organ responsible for secreting insulin in response to extra sugar in the blood. Evidence suggests that a decreased risk of lung cancer with higher intakes of all fruits (including apples) applies mainly to smokers and former smokers. ( In Ayurveda apples are included in the list of healing foods. The characteristics vary according to the state of ripeness and if the fruit is cooked or not. When ripe, apples are considered astringent, sweet and sour (rasa) with a cooling effect or energetics (virya), sweet post digestive effect (vipaka) and are rough and light, pacifying pitta and kapha but can raise the vata dosha. When unripe, they loose the sweetness, still cooling but changing the post digestive effect to pungent, raising pitta and vata. Vata doshas can take advantage of the fruit in cooked form.


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