The Alkaline possibilities of a cooked vegetable that can bring magic to your table and health

🐝According to the science of Ayurveda, cooked pumpkins (cucurbita Mammeata Molina or Kooshmandi) have a slight cooling energy (virya) that is powerful enough to control excess pitta and inflammation but gentle, mildly sweet and grounding enough to tame Vata as well. It is believed to have a sedative effect due its tryptophan (amino acid essential in the production of serotonin) and could be one of the food choices to combat stress and anxiety. In excess it can increase the Kapha dosha. The seeds are considered a brain tonic. The leaves are used as a remedy for nausea and stomach issues. Cooked pumpkins are alkaline in nature.🐝#pumpkins#ayurveda

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